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Articles from the newsletters


INGO meetings at Council of Europe July 2017
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July 2017 session of the INGOs conference is a rounding up of the work done the last years. All working groups are closing and being concluded to give space for a new work theme for 2018 to 2021. The new theme … Read More

Italian EPEA contact person appointed EPALE Ambassador
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On May 8th, during the Festival of Europe organized by the Erasmus + National agency and which took place in Florence, in a beautiful location, 52 EPALE Ambassadors have been appointed from all over Italy during an official ceremony. EPALE … Read More

New Approach for Effective Social Inclusion
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The project “Vocational Education and training – New Approach for Effective Social Inclusion “has been implemented by the Association Community Development Institute (CDI) – Macedonia in cooperation with DVV International Germany. The overall objective of the project is to contribute … Read More

International Conference – Foreign National Inmates and Prison Systems.
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International Conference ” Foreign national inmates and prison systems: issues, resources and perspectives. To find out more about this project click here. Please see the programme below: Convegno internazionale Il sistema penitenziario e i detenuti stranieri: problematiche, risorse e prospettive … Read More

Prisoner Learning Academic Network (PLAN)
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PLAN Events An update regarding forthcoming PLAN-related events. Please circulate to your contacts as you see fit. Anyone interested in joining this mailing list can sign up by contacting Seminar: New perspectives through learning in prison  A reminder that … Read More

Transformative Nature of Education in Prison
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Job-shadow United Kingdom, Prisoners Education Trust As adults, we often see education as belonging to our past, something that we have completed. However, in prisons it is an important part of the rehabilitation program. However, the way education is organized … Read More

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