The EPEA Chairpersons

9. Annet Bakker, Netherlands

8. Lena Axelsson, Sweden

7. Anita Wilson, United Kingdom

6. Anne Costelloe, Rep. of Ireland

5. Niek Willems, Netherlands

4. Paddy Rocks, Northern Ireland

3. Janine Duprey-Kennedy, France

2. Svenolov Svensson, Sweden

1. Kevin Warner, Rep. of Ireland

The first real EPEA Steering Committee

after the acceptance of the constitution was formed at the conference in Sigtuan in Sweden 1993. It consisted of

Chairperson Kevin Warner, Ireland
Secretary Ann Cameron, Scotland
Treasurer David Marston, England
Membership Secretary Pam Bedford, England
Members Isabelle Jegouzo, Yves La Guennoc, France
Member Pam Lorenze, Ireland
Members Jan Marten Terweil, Rober Suval, The Netherlands
Member Kay Blackstock, Scotland
Member Kaj Raundrup, Denmark
Members Agneta Bergendal, Anita Johannison, Sweden
Member Vincent Theis, Luxemburg
Member Otillia Marques Graala da Costa, Portugal