Hungarian Branch

Official Name
Hungarian Accociation of Prison Affairs – European Prison Education Association (EPEA) Hungarian Branch.

The EPEA started his work in Hungary 15 years ago. At that time a psychologist college teacher (Dr. Laszlo CSETNEKY) started to organize a small group around himself. His job and position basically determined the composition of this group. Mainly college teachers and psychologists were members of the Hungarian group.

The biggest issue of this period was the 6th International EPEA Conference in Budapest at 1997. The number of EPEA members was 10 for years in Hungary. In 2003 Dr. Csetneky retired from his position and Dr. Peter RUZSONYI was elected as Liaison Person. During the last 5 years the number of Hungarian members increased up to 24 and the composition of it is changed. Now we have teachers, advisers and social workers as well. Our group has decided to become a branch. In Hungary to turn into a legal association is extremely difficult. Luckily the Hungarian Association of Prison Affairs offered his assistance. This organization is the only establishment in Hungary, who aims prison experts.

The Constitution of this organization is wider than the EPEA Constitution, but the efforts and emphasis are absolutely parallel with EPEA. This year 2007, 22nd of November the Hungarian Association of Prison Affairs and the EPEA Hungarian group organized a conference.

Steering Committee
Head of the Hungarian Branch: Peter RUZSONYI
Secretary: Erzsébet VÖRÖS
Coordinator of teachers: Zoltánné BORGULYA
Coordinator of social organisations: Szilvia KÖSZEGI
Treasurer: Tamás TÓTH