A personel reflextion

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My name is Olga María Arteaga Fernández. Since 2005 I have been teaching at C.E.Per. “RETAMAR”, which is located inside “EL ACEBUCHE” prison, in Almeria, Spain. It’s a lifelong education center and my job is to help male and female inmates improve their culture and education and thus make it easier for them to reintegrate into society. I teach reading and writing, Spanish as a foreign language, primary education and Spanish language in Secondary.

Last 6 th June, I turned 55 and received a very special gift from one of my students. For me it was very motivating because it made me realize how necessary and important our work is for many people and how, in addition to giving knowledge, we are able to heal hearts, and that our effort makes sense. It is true that I am privileged to teach this student who, so sensitively, managed to express his feelings in this letter with such delicacy and elegance, and I feel so proud to be the addressee. But any of you, who work as teachers, deserve it, and that’s why I would like to share it with you all.

My kindest regards,
Olga María Arteaga Fernández
Centro Penitenciario
E – 04160 Almeria

Birthday card from the prisoner