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VocvologoVocvo, the Flemish support center for adult education is preparing an application for Erasmus+ KA1 funding for the coming 2 years. As you know KA1 is the strand for individual mobility. We have a team of 15 prison education coordinators working in prisons in Flanders and Brussels.

We consider the following topic as an important part of our application: 1-to-1 Coaching by and for prison teachers.

This is something we would like to install Flanders, however we have no experience in it for the specific target group of prison teachers. We see it as a sort of mentor-ship of experienced teachers, who guide and coach new or less experienced teachers.

Do you know suitable countries/places/prisons where we could study this topic? Does a similar coaching system exist in your country? If you are willing to support us in this or if you have some useful information, we would be very grateful if you could make contact with us before the end of January. The deadline for KA1 application is beginning of February.


Please contact us here.