Communiqué – EPEA 3.0

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After the years marked by the pandemic, which made the work of the EPEA difficult, it is in a process of renewal, which is often difficult and not easy to endure. Members are now needed on the Steering Committee who are ready to lead the EPEA to a new flowering with a great deal of commitment and dedication.

Following the unceremonious resignation of the President elected by the members in June and the resignation of the Secretary shortly afterwards, the Steering Committee (SC) received the news last week that our treasurer, Claire O’Connell, is stepping down for personal reasons. The SC understands her reasons and regrets Claire’s resignation. We thank her for the work she has done for the benefit of the EPEA and wish her all the best for the future. The SC appointed Ruth McFarlane as Claire’s successor at its meeting on 20 October. We thank Ruth for being willing to take over at such short notice.

And unfortunately, there are also changes in the Regional Representatives. Gayane Hovakimyan, representative of the Eastern Region, also announced her resignation a few days ago. Due to a professional reorientation, which requires her full attention, she cannot fulfil her task for the benefit of the EPEA in the way she herself considers right and necessary. The SC wishes Gayane all the best and much success in her new position.

Finally, Marco Brancucci, Representative of the Southern Region, had not been available to the SC for almost a year. He no longer attended Steering Committee meetings and left emails and phone calls unanswered. Under these circumstances, the SC no longer saw the basis for constructive cooperation. At the meeting mentioned above, the Steering Committee decided to relieve Marco of his duties.

The SC is therefore faced with the task of looking for two new representatives, preparing for next spring’s elections and organising the EPEA conference in June. However, the remaining members of the SC are ready to do this work on a voluntary and non-remunerated basis and thus ensure the continuity of the EPEA.

For questions or suggestions, the SC is available to EPEA members at the mail address

The Steering Committee