Conference of INGO’s Survey

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Dear members,

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The Conference of INGO’s is conducting a survey of good practices of intercultural education.

They herewith aim to develop innovations for an inclusive education from:


– Analysis of realisations focussed on intercultural education in European cities and essentially in educative places and organisations.

– Analysis of problems found by children and young people from ethnic minorities in European countries, particularly gypsies.


These objectives concern formal, unformal and no formal education

We are more than happy to help them finding examples of such practices within our extensive Prison Education network.

If you feel that you have done or seen projects, practices of inclusive multinational teaching, please tell the workgroup about this. Their survey includes a small list of questions and will not take you long. This is a great opportunity to tell Europe about your prison education practice. The result of the survey will made public.

What can you do? :

1) CHOOSE ONE «GOOD PRACTICE » either in formal intercultural education (schools or higher education, 3-25 years) or in non-formal intercultural education (after-school activities in structured frameworks like associations, sport-clubs, diverse groups…., all ages included, life-longs learning activities).

2) CLICK ON THE LINK:    Survey about good practices for intercultural education


4) SEND YOUR ANSWERS BEFORE : March 31, 2016.


On behalf of the CoE ánd the EPEA Steering Committee,


Annet Bakker

Chair EPEA.