EAEA Younger Staff Training

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24-28 September 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Duration: five days
Cost: 500 EUR
The aim of the EAEA Younger Staff Training, organised annually since 2011, is to encourage peer
learning among young professionals, explore the European dimension of adult education and
connect it to the grassroots level. The training has been constantly evolving, taking into account the
suggestions of former participants, and upon popular request, it will now take 5 days instead of the
usual 4.
In 2018, we invite you to participate in a series of sessions on European policy and advocacy in adult
education, which will bring together the perspectives of the EU institutions and civil society. A hands-on workshop will explore different aspects of European project management. Through workshops with local adult educators, we will also gain insight into what is happening in adult education at the Belgian grassroots level.
We focus on making the training as interactive as possible, and through a series of sessions on Adult education in my country we invite the participants to compare their experiences at the national or local level. I