Election Results 2015

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Thanks to all of you who voted in the last few weeks in this election for EPEA Chairperson.  The election has now closed, and here are the results:

1.  Annet Bakker, The Netherlands, 91 first choice votes

2.  Joseph Giordmaina, Malta, 15 first choice votes

3.  No Suitable Candidate, 0 first choice votes

We received 134 votes of which 28 were not valid (6 arrived too late, 10 was from unpaid members, 7 had invalid voting codes and 1 was completed incorrectly).  This left 106 eligible votes.

The votes were counted according to the principles of the Single Transferable Voting process, requiring at least one candidate to secure a majority of 54 (50%+1) votes.  Annet Bakker from The Netherlands secured this majority with 91 votes. Joseph Giordmaina from Malta got 15 votes.  There were 0 first choice votes for “no suitable candidate”.

The votes were verified and counted by EPEA Steering Committee members Lena Broo, Chair, and Astrid Utgård, Secretary. Paul Talbot participated as technical assistant.  Both the verification and counting processes took place using online tele-conferencing facilities.  At all times the verification and counting was conducted by 2 persons, with a third person overseeing and monitoring the process.  All persons present were satisfied with the integrity and validity of the election process.

We congratulate Annet Bakker as the new EPEA Chair and Cecilie Høisæter, Norway, as new EPEA Secretary (no other candidates). They both take office from the 1st of July 2015. The best of luck to both of them in their new positions!

Lena Broo