Eurosuccess: European project for the successful integration of young ex-offenders

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Eurosuccess Consulting is participating in the European project E/I-motion: Unconventional Community Networks and Learning in support of Marginalised Youth Integration, which is co-funded by the European Commission under the program Erasmus+ (Action KA2)


About the project

E/I-motion is a project aiming on the development of tools and supportive methods for a. the society, specifically the experts and entities to get prepared for the reintegration of ex-prisoners as well as b. the young offenders (current prisoners) to develop the required skills for their reintegration in the society and the labor market after their release. Within this project, a number of interactive educational activities and methods will be taking place in order to achieve its aim, i.e. the holistic physiological approach, theater technics and good practices in fine arts, practices and methods for horses and other animals’ interaction, a variety of social events, etc.

All the activities and actions aim on integrating the target groups (i.e young prisoners and youngsters of the society, age 14 – 30 years old) as well as experts who come in contact and work with these specific target groups (i.e. educators, social workers, phycologist etc.)


The consortium and duration of the project

Along with Eurosuccess Consulting, the consortium consist of partner organizations from Romania, Italy and Spain. The project’s duration is for 24 months, starting September 19, 2017 and finishing August 31, 2019. Furthermore, on behalf of Cyprus, Eurosuccess Consulting is supported by the Ministry of Justice and Public Order (Cyprus Prisons Department), the Social Services of Limassol Municipality and the horse riding club Cavalier.


Second project meeting in Nicosia

In May 9 and 19, 2018, the second project’s meeting took place in Nicosia. During the meeting, all partners had the opportunity to discuss the progress of the educational workshops that are taking place in each partner country, as well as to arrange the upcoming activities of the project. Furtheremore, the participants visited the Cyprus Prison Department, where the Prison Director informed them on the most important reform strategies implemented the past few years, not only as regards the education and skills development of prisoners but also on their living conditions.


Next activities

Currently, in all partner countries a number of ongoing educational workshops are in progress, which are expected to be completed within the next months. All workshops aim to promote expertise and good practices deriving from the E/I-motion project towards experts who are in contact with youngster (social workers, educators, phycologist etc.) and the target groups (ex and current young prisoners and youngsters coming from different vulnerable groups) The next meeting of the consortium will be held in Barcelona (Spain), on October 24 and 25, 2018.


Expectations of the project

This project will deliver a number of important results during its implementation and after its completion towards the target groups, in national and in European level. For more information about the E/I-motion project please visit the website of Eurosuccess Consulting