ICPA/EuroPris Confernce on technology in prison

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The 2nd international conference on technology in prison last May 2017 had prison education as one of their main themes for the conference.

Besides education providers of offender management systems, foot chain systems and surveilles equipment, major providers of Prison Education systems presented their solutions.

In general, many providers use the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) in reprogrammed versions for prisoners’ education. Sadly, the tailored Moodle was in my point of view closed down too much and I begin to doubt that Moodle is useful in further needed development of Prison Education Systems. We have to beyond just presenting files for our students.

Very promising new use of ICT in education and rehabilitation was presented:

  • American provider DTL presented small secured tablets that can be used in the cell. It can be loaded with education materials and the results can be send to the teacher when the prisoner have finished the task. It is a promising solution.
  • Almost like a science fiction feature a company presented the use of virtual reality glasses in education and rehabilitation.
  • Sweden has developed an app for rehabilitation of prisoners after release.
  • Singapore presented a tool for analysis of data in rehabilitation.
  • Core from Ireland has started with gamification of their education system. It can give you a little reward in the kiosk if you complete a course.
  • Prison Cloud combines many features besides education. It makes the cell digital.

A longer report from the conference will be in the next magazine.

Per Thrane