Important agreement signed by CPIA 3 of Rome and Regina Coeli Penitentiary Institution

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On 4th May, an agreement has been signed between Regina Coeli Penitentiary Institution  and CPIA 3 of Rome (3rd Adult Education District Centre in Rome) according to the following:

  • 27th of the Italian Constitution and Law 345/1975 where it is stated that the sentence is aimed at “the rehabilitation treatment of inmates”;
  • The Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Justice signed on May 23rd 2016 where both Ministries have undertaken important commitments in the field of prison education;
  • 41 of DPR 230/2000 which includes the setting up, in all penitentiary institutions, of the Didactic Commission – managed by the prison Director – with consultative and propositional tasks, and whose members are all teachers together with representative of prison educators.


In the above agreement, it is stated  that Regina Coeli Penitentiary Institution will:

  • be providing CPIA 3 of Rome with 8 classrooms, a library, a computer lab and a staff room;
  • keep all inmates informed about school courses;
  • avoid, when possible, the transfer of those inmates attending school course, to different penitentiary institutions.

On the other hand, CPIA 3 of Rome is in charge of school education in Regina Coeli prison and, according to D. I. 12/03/2015, it runs the following courses:

  • Italian language for international students (70% of inmates are migrants)
  • Literacy skills (reading and writing)
  • Lower secondary education;
  • Accomplishment of Compulsory education.

But we have very clear that the role of prison school goes a lot beyond that. In fact, according to 27th art. of Italian Constitution, and bearing in mind the fact that prison education represents for inmates the base to promoting  their cultural growth as well as the key to redefine their own life projects, school offer should be supporting adult learners in creating a real framework of democratic coexistence and active citizenship which encourages them to remain within the law.

This is why  we look very positively at the constitution of the Didactic Commission in Regina Coeli Penitentiary Institution, wit the hope that this will be a new start!