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Webinar_LogoThe EPEA Steering Committee has a proposal for EPEA members, concerning the way in which the EPEA might get involved in EU funded project activities that help us move towards our goals.
The EPEA is, and always will be, a non-profit members’ association.  The EPEA does not employ staff in Norway, where it is registered, or anywhere else, but relies on the hard work and dedication of its volunteer members, including those voted into the steering committee.
However, this volunteer construction makes it very difficult to get involved in things such as EU funded projects, where resources are only available for paid employees.
To help overcome this problem, the EPEA steering committee are proposing incorporating a separate EPEA Trading Arm.
·       An EPEA Trading Arm would be a separate legal entity, registered under United Kingdom (UK) company law. It would be 100% answerable to the EPEA Steering Committee. However, as a separate legal entity, with its own separate limited liability, EPEA finances are never put at risk.
·       An EPEA Trading Arm will be able to employ project staff, and to claim costs on EU project budgets – which means we can ensure that European financial resources are directed to, and invested in, the promotion of prison education, in accordance with EPEA strategic policy goals.
·       By running EPEA projects through a separate EPEA Trading Arm, the EPEA and its members can become more active in European projects, and the EPEA can run a professional and efficient project office.
As you may appreciate, the EPEA has huge potential to make a significant contribution to the world of prison education through European funded project activities.  The EPEA’s international network of nearly 600 teachers, managers, policy makers, researchers and other stakeholders make it uniquely placed to participate in projects with long-term impact. As those of you who attended our project development webinar in November will know, we have lots of ideas of projects to get involved in.

We will be holding an informative webinar on Monday 18 January at 19h00 CET.

Click here to access the link o register to take part in this consultation webinar.
A secure online poll has been set up to allow you to vote on whether the EPEA should open a separate Trading Arm. Each member has a unique voting link.
You unique voting link is:
This poll is open now, and will remain open until 12:00 Midday Central European Time (CET) on Wednesday 20 January.