New Prison in Greenland and focus on education

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When Greenland sentences criminals to placement within the country’s borders, it has so far happened in open institutions. In June 2019, the first closed institution opened.

Rehabilitation in the Greenlandic institutions is paramount and it becomes a pervasive element of the institution’s work that the inmates are not shielded from the rest of the world, but instead are involved in the society, which continues unabated on the other side of the institution wall. In practical terms, this involvement takes place through competence development. Therefore, the prisoners have the right and duty to participate in activities to keep going and to build a daily life with content and routines.

Education included

The prisoners who are not allowed to come out have employment opportunities within the walls. It can be work with longlines, maintaining the building and other employment opportunities that make a little sense for the prisoners. In addition, those people who can graduate can take an education or take competence development courses. We focus on developing the skills of the prisoners so that they can get some tools that they can use when they come out on the other side, says Governor Tina Dam