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From the Southern Region – June 2019

Volterra Prison

‘In February, a special window was opened in Volterra Correctional facility, towards the outside world by the setting up of a new editing group, comprising  some inmates,  students of the Hotel management and surveying Institute, and co-ordinated by Prof. Nicoletta Caroti.

This group will have the task of editing the portal updating it on events, initiatives and activities that take place within the walls of the prison facilities.

An email address was also created to serve as a link through which the inmate editors will be responding every single curiosity of external bodies concerning the numerous activities that make this a model prison.

In fact, Volterra facility is renowned over the years for, above all, two worthy projects : the Galeotta dinners (Cene Galeotte) and the Fortezza’s theatre troupe.

A student from Volterra prison