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IDEP 2017
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Coming Soon – Applications for IDEP Publicity-Award 2017 The EPEA would like to acknowledge any person/ organisation/ institution that has shown a remarkable effort to promote IDEP (the International day of Education in Prison). As out members know, this day … Read More

INGO meetings at Council of Europe July 2017
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July 2017 session of the INGOs conference is a rounding up of the work done the last years. All working groups are closing and being concluded to give space for a new work theme for 2018 to 2021. The new theme … Read More

Italian EPEA contact person appointed EPALE Ambassador
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On May 8th, during the Festival of Europe organized by the Erasmus + National agency and which took place in Florence, in a beautiful location, 52 EPALE Ambassadors have been appointed from all over Italy during an official ceremony. EPALE … Read More

New Approach for Effective Social Inclusion
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The project “Vocational Education and training – New Approach for Effective Social Inclusion “has been implemented by the Association Community Development Institute (CDI) – Macedonia in cooperation with DVV International Germany. The overall objective of the project is to contribute … Read More

International Conference – Foreign National Inmates and Prison Systems.
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International Conference ” Foreign national inmates and prison systems: issues, resources and perspectives. To find out more about this project click here. Please see the programme below: Convegno internazionale Il sistema penitenziario e i detenuti stranieri: problematiche, risorse e prospettive … Read More

Prisoner Learning Academic Network (PLAN)
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PLAN Events An update regarding forthcoming PLAN-related events. Please circulate to your contacts as you see fit. Anyone interested in joining this mailing list can sign up by contacting Seminar: New perspectives through learning in prison  A reminder that … Read More

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