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‘Skills for freedom – from prison to community’ – Genoa, June 2018
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On 26th June 2018 in Genoa, there was organized an event called “Skills for freedom: from prison to the community. How to improve and job-match inmates’ competences”. The event was organized by EFA in cooperation with ARCI Liguria, Teatro dell’Ortica and the Genoa … Read More

Changes in the Steering Committee
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Dear friends, members and partners, Over the last few months the EPEA SC had called for nominees for various vacant posts. We are happy to announce that we have found excellent candidates for the SC members that are leaving us … Read More

Prisoner Active Citizenship
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The PAC project is a European project about active citizenship among prisoners. The goal of the project is to test various existing or new participation models in different European prisons and to develop a participation toolkit based on these experiences. … Read More

Reintergrational work in prisons’ in Budapest
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Nemzeti Közszolgálati Egyetem Projekt száma: KÖFOP-2.1.2-VEKOP-15-2016-00001 Projekt címe: A jó kormányzást megalapozó közszolgálat-fejlesztés INVITATION to the international Conference of the correctional ludovika Advantaged research workshop “Reintegrational work in prisons”   Date and time: May 15, 2018. 1pm-6pm   Venue:                         … Read More

Job shadowing in the Netherlands
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Purpose of the visits.   Provide interviews in HMP Shorts (STIR magazine) and HMP Greenock (Peter Patter). Speak with detainees in both prisons. Talk to the staff in both prisons. Presentation in HMP Shorts and HMP Greenock. Provide a workshop … Read More

A Nordic Expedition in Prison Education: Monica Giblin & Catherine Byrne
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The idea started over a coffee one summer afternoon in the Phoenix Park when Catherine and I decided that we needed to learn more about prison education abroad. And Sweden was our choice. Catherine was in touch with Linda Ahl … Read More

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