Non formal education in prison context

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Non-formal education in a context as a prison is extremely important in order to improve a range of skills and competences, outside the formal educational curriculum. 
We present you with some examples of non-formal education in prison (videos) 


The Value of Freedom – El valor de la libertad – Spain
Video produced by the students in the Centro de Educación Permanente RETAMAR in the prison of Almería.
Spanish spoken with Spanish subtitles

Chance of Escape – Greece
Video produced by the students of the 2nd Chance School in Diavata prison in Thessaloniki.
Greek spoken with English subtitles

« Podknast – how it really is » – Germany
Videos produced in different prisons of the penal system in North Rhine-Westphalia
German spoken, with German subtitles

Prison Theatre Festival in Bucharest – Romania
Short news report on the event of last year 2021 
short version with English subtitles, length 1’50”
Long version, Romanian spoken without subtitles, length 5’47”

« Never again, never again, never again I fuck up » – Switzerland
A short film with rap and lyrics on the themes of escape and breakout. The protagonists are the young prisoners of the Kalchrain measures centre. A production of Swiss Prison Theatre « Ausbruch » (Website in French: ) 
spoken and sung in Swiss German without subtitles

Theatre play in the penitentiary Berlin-Tegel, Germany. 
The prisoners perform the “Hermann Battle”, a 19th century play about the historical battle between the Cheruscan prince Arminius (Hermann) and the Roman army under Varus in 9 AD.
Because of a certain glorification of the Teutons, the play was little performed. But when the Germanic tribes are played by people of colour, this nationalism is already broken.
But since it is also a play about freedom, it fits perfectly into the context of the penal institutions.
It is remarkable that the report was broadcasted on the second most important news programme of the German Channel One 
Das Erste – Tagesthemen vom 9.6.2022
German spoken