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To all EPEA members,


The last elections for the EPEA Officers were held in 2015 during the General Council at the Antwerp Conference.

Since each Officer or Regional Representative (RR) is elected for a period of 3 years, new elections are to be held this year.


There are two different election procedures, that of:

  1. Steering Committee Officers
  2. Regional Representatives


  • As agreed in the General Council in the 2017 Vienna Conference, elections will be done electronically.
  • All paying members will receive an invitation to bring out their votes, with a unique entry code that ensures anonymous voting. More information about this procedure will follow.
  • In theory all present EPEA-officers will be eligible for re-election and will have the right to serve one more period of three years. The Steering Committee is happy that the officers have agreed to be eligible for re-election, which will ensure a smoother transition to the new SC.
  • In the group of Regional Representatives we have posts that will be really needing reinforcement.
  • Due to career switches and reorganisation of offices in their daily jobs, not all of our RRs will be in a position to combine that with the work needed to be done for the EPEA Steering Committee.
  • Anybody interested in holding an office is by all means invited to step forward and send in an application.
  • The EPEA Steering Committee is very much looking forward to receiving your applications in case you are interested in standing for any of the vacancies.
  • Please find job descriptions to learn more about the tasks of the different officer and regional representative positions.
  • As you might be aware, all posts are voluntary jobs.
  • You are invited to send in application for the position of Steering Committee Officers of the EPEA, which become vacant as per 1st of July (2018).


Election procedure:

  • Completed application forms must be received by Chairperson and Secretary by May 31st (2018). Please send your application to
  • Any application received after May 31st (2018) will not be accepted.
  • Receipt of completed application form will be acknowledged to sender by email by June 1st.
  • If there are no applicants for a specific post, the Steering Committee will (in time) co-opt a person to hold that position until the next election procedure.
  • If there is only one candidate for a specific post, no elections will be needed.
  • As with all EPEA elections, the election of Officers is by secret ballot and by means of a single transferable vote.
  • Details of each nominee will be circulated among the membership for electronic voting between 01/06/2018 and 25/06/2018.


  • Those eligible to vote for EPEA Officer-positions are:
    • All paying members, who have paid their 2018 membership fee.


  • Those eligible to vote for Regional Representative Positions are:
    • All Liaison Persons of branches in the specific region.
    • Each branch may have 2 elected Liaison Persons of whom one is professionally in daily contact with prisoners.


  • Candidates will be informed about the results within two working days after June 25th.
  • Members will be informed about the election results within 3 days after closing day.


EPEA Officers Vacancies:

  • Chair – Annet Bakker                                 – eligible for re-election
  • Treasurer – Nyggi Agernæs                        – eligible for re-election
  • Secretary – José Pinto                               – eligible for election (at present co-opted)


EPEA Regional Representatives:

  • West – Nina Champion                       – NOT eligible for re-election
  • South – Ioannis Papadimitriou          – NOT eligible for re-election
  • North – Per Thrane                               – Eligible for re-election
  • East – Ioana Morar                               – elections are due in 2019
  • Central – Hubert Skrszynski – Eligible for re-election


Web – Editor

  • On top of this, EPEA has decided to split up the Webmaster tasks into two different, but complementary, positions. Thus, EPEA is looking for a Web Editor, who will work alongside and assist the EPEA Webmaster. Please look at the job description, if you are interested.
  • The office of Web Editor is not an elected post, but this person will be co-opted by the Steering Committee and will have no voting rights on the committee.


Job Descriptions:

Job description (Chairperson)

Job description (Secretary)

Job description (Treasurer)

Job description (Regional Representative)

Job description (Web-Editor)

See below the application forms for the posts above in .PDF, .docx & .doc format.

Candidate Application Form

Candidate Application Form

Candidate Application Form


If you have further questions regarding the applications or the election procedure, please contact us at