Klasbak is the Flemish branch of the European Prison Education Association (EPEA). Klasbak is a network of organisations and individuals active in prison education in Flanders and  Brussels.


Society regards prisoners as full citizens and detention as a chance. Detention takes place in a stimulating environment with an innovative and sustainable learning culture. The detained person has a central position in this.


Prison education is our starting point to:

  • initiate research
  • create vision and concepts
  • develop products co-creatively
  • influence policy
  • sensitize
  • inform

Policy Plan

In our process of policy development we defined 6 goals we will be working on between 2016 and 2019:

  1. We develop an efficient internal organisation in order to operate sustainably.
    • We acquire financial resources
    • We enforce our administrative organisation
    • We optimize our internal and external communication
  2. We design and realize a network model to become an anchored networking organization.
    • We design a networking model and an operational model for Klasbak ambassadors
    • We realize sustainable partnerships by putting these models into practice
  3. We initiate and valorize research on prison education to improve policy and practice further.
    • We initiate innovative research on prison education
    • We disseminate and valorize research on prison education
  4. We develop clear visions and concepts on prison education to innovate and stimulate policy and practice.
    • We develop a basic vision on prison education
    • We develop thematic visions and concepts on prison education
    • We communicate directly about the developed vision and concepts to give Klasbak an identity
  5. We influence policy of governments and institutions to realize structural improvements of prison education.
    • We map our policy network and put prison education on the political agenda
    • We advise policy makers and politician and are asked for advice
  6. We sensitize society to bring attention to the topic of prison education.
    • We sensitize within prison walls on prison education
    • We sensitize without prison walls on prison education



Chairperson: Liesbeth De Donder Liesbeth.De.Donder@vub.be

Secretary: Inge Van Acker inge.van.acker@vocvo.be

Liaison Persons: Marleen Strubbe marleen.strubbe@vocvo.be and Lut Lippeveld Lut.lippeveld@deoranjerie.be

Coordinator: Bieke Deloof, bieke@klasbak.net

Klasbak website