The project “Learning for a Life in Freedom” is granted by the European Commission, Socrates Programme – Grundtvig 1 (European Cooperation Projects) – and implemented in the period: October 2004 – September 2006.

Project background The training of basic skills in most European prisons is offered as an education organised in modules with a fixed curriculum. The attendant will be placed at a level according to formal skills – and the training is mostly focused on improving these. This rather traditional approach towards training is out of touch with modern adult education.

Prison inmates as a highly heterogeneous target group does not make it obvious at all to offer education based upon groups/classes. The needs and levels are most often too different for that within the given group of inmates. And the concentration of persons with the need of an extraordinary level of tutoring is high. Research has shown that a large number of persons within the target group have got a high level of both personal and social based barriers towards education. An individually orientated education is an important instrument to overcome these barriers.

So there is a great need for transformation of the education in prisons into a more individualised practise!

The participating prisons/institutions involved in the project attempt to facilitate such a transformation. An education that combines the improvement of formal skills with the improvement of a number of personal skills: communicative skills, team working, flexibility and the ability of absorbing new knowledge and transforming this into competences. A transformation, achieved by training and education of teachers involved in education of prison inmates – and by development of teaching material and models.

Aims and objectives The aims and objectives of the project: • Collection of experiences with flexible and individual orientated tutoring and education, and based upon these • The development of education models • Other initiatives for targeting the education of prison inmates • The initiation of lifelong learning within the target group