Lifelong Membership

Members which have contributed to the growth of the EPEA or served the EPEA in a significant way are rewarded with a lifetime membership by the Steering Committee.

The EPEA has honored the following members:

  • At the 20th EPEA Conference in T√łnnsberg 2023
    • Per Thrane, Denmark
  • At the 19th EPEA Conference in Dublin
    • Caroline Eggelstone, USA
  • At the 15th EPEA Conference in Antwerp
    • Alan Smith, UK/Belgium
  • At the 58th annual conference of the Danish
    Prison Teacher Association, March 2010
    • Kaj Raundrup, Denmark
  • At the 12th EPEA Conference in Cyprus
    • Janine Duprey-Kennedy, France
  • At the 11th EPEA Conference in Dublin
    • Svenolov Svenson, Sweden
    • Torfinn Langelid, Norway
    • Robert Suval, Netherlands
    • Kevin Warner, Rep of Ireland