Ana Ferrando (BE)

Regional Representative  – Western Region

I have been a language teacher for 21 years. I started my career in my hometown Barcelona with students of primary and secondary school and I kept working as a teacher for adults after I moved to Antwerp. In 2010 I took a new challenge: teaching in prison. This was by far the least expected outcome, but it has become the most enriching experience in my professional career.

In 2013 I travelled to Malta for a training week organised by the Maltese EPEA branch and I realised how many professionals were involved in prison education. Since that moment I have been following the EPEA and I have been a member of the general council of Klasbak, the EPEA branch of Flanders, since it was founded.

I was also involved in several Grundtvig and Erasmus+ projects on prison education, I organised a job shadowing between Belgium and Switzerland and was a guest lecturer at the Summer University of Granada in 2016.  I participated with a KA1 mobility in the EPEA meeting of 2019 in Dublin to prepare several projects on prison education.

I like teamwork and I believe that our job can only be successful if we get to achieve a smooth cooperation among the professionals of all sectors involved in education throughout Europe.