School in prison – René struggles to graduate (DE/EN)

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School in jail and graduate there? This is certainly not the most common way to go to class. Saadet has never seen a prison from the inside and can hardly imagine everyday school life there. She has seen everything she knows about life in prison in series like “Orange Is The New Black” or “Prison Break”. And it is clear that this does not correspond to reality. What is everyday life like for young people in prison and what is it like to go to school behind bars?

To find out, Saadet ventures out among criminals for a day and accompanies 18-year-old René. Already in the 7th grade he didn’t feel like going to school outside. Instead of going to school, he stole and ended up going to jail for theft and heavy robbery. Now he’s been trying his second chance for two years. First he made up his secondary school diploma, at the moment he is working on his secondary school diploma. But the regulations in jail school are tough, whoever adorns flies out. Sleeping in is not possible, and certainly not making blue. The daily schedule is planned, the cells are opened at 6 a.m., followed by lessons, lunch break including meals, even more lessons and group cleaning. In between: smoke a lot! Because cigarettes are one of the few “luxury items” that the prisoners have in prison. Smartphone and Internet access, for example: none! At 9:00 p.m., the prisoners are alone in their cells. Codecision and self-determination: is not in it. The prisoners are closely monitored around the clock. Every few meters you have to stop in front of locked doors and wait for a guard. A very oppressive feeling for reporter Saadet.

She receives exciting and unadorned insights into everyday life in prison and learns more about René’s reasons and motivation to graduate from school. Has the prison and the school made him more confident and how does he imagine his future after the prison?

Team: Saadet Czapski, Philipp Kappius, Maik Arnold, Julius Krenz, Julia von Cube, Sarah Sanner’

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