“School on the Cloud: dealing with a paradigm shift in education”

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COMED – Numérique et éducation – Conseil de l’Europe – present:
Webinar – May 4, 2017, 19.00-20.00 (Central European Time)
Hosted by the EPEA for the CoE INGOs

“School on the Cloud: dealing with a paradigm shift in education”

Presenter: Karl Donert (EUROGEO President)

One of the strongest trends in business and the economy has been the shift towards the integration of Cloud-based services. EU policy strongly promotes this as the fulcrum of our economic development under Europe 2020. However education has by and large not been involved, yet the skills needed by our workforce to achieve this are significantly different than those we currently offer.
Everything needed to create an integrated Cloud-based education is already available. The School on the Cloud suggests that we really need strong leadership, in schools, classrooms and beyond, together with policies that demonstrate a clear vision for the future of education, as well as a sound pedagogy for it to be organized and put into practice. 

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