‘Skills for freedom – from prison to community’ – Genoa, June 2018

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On 26th June 2018 in Genoa, there was organized an event called “Skills for freedom: from prison to the community. How to improve and job-match inmates’ competences”. The event was organized by EFA in cooperation with ARCI Liguria, Teatro dell’Ortica and the Genoa University. It was a summing up conference of the Erasmus+ funded project titled “Skills for freedom. Artistic paths to develop the professional skills of prisoners”.

EPEA’s Hubert Skrzynski was asked to take part in the event and give a speech the title of which was “Learning in prison between formal and non-formal. A photograph on the skills developed in Europe”. This was organized as a videoconference with simultaneous translation.

We asked him how it went, and this is what he said: ‘At the beginning I gave a short description about the EPEA – what we do, what are our objectives and what is the structure of the association. After that I described what differences there are between formal, non-formal and informal learning. These notions are very often mixed up and not everyone realizes what differences there are. Also, I gave several examples of the above in the context of prison education. I focused on the examples from Poland since this environment is closest to me and I could easily get the audience’s attention. Organizers told me that there were several dozens of participants and the event was considered to be a great success.’


Logo's for Skills for Freedom event, Genoa June2018