The Conventions under threat

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International institutions like the Counsel of Europe has always been challenged on their authority, but those forces have slipped into the mainstream and they are gaining traction.

Torbjørn Jagland speaking at INGO assemply

At the latest groupings by the INGOs and the parliamentary assembly in January 2016 UK, Switzerland, Norway and Russia was mentioned as countries where discussions or lawmaking challenged the Pan European trust in conventions.

Prison Education is protected by international conventions like the Prison Rules and the CoE and Center for Prevention of Torture plays an important role in protection of fundamental rights for imprisoned citizens. They secure that prisoners have options to choose a path of rehabilitation by following purposeful activities like education and other rehabilitation programs.

The EPEA will stand up for the conventions and the promote the R(89)12 as a fundament for educations role in bringing prisoners back to inclusion in society. For the EPEA the Counsel of Europe is a place of hope for the Planet. The conventions are grounded in values we hold dear and it protects the individual liberty of 820 million people.

Torbjørn Jagland, CoE Secretary General: