The Education of Young Offenders: Experiences, Difficulties and Prospects Conference

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The Institute of Educational Policy (IEP), the Office of the Public Prosecutor of the Supreme Court, the EPANODOS (NPID) – Reintegration Centre of Ex-prisoners, The Citizen Advocacy Organization, the Pedagogical Departments of the University of Thessaly, and the Branch of the European Prison Association (E.P.E.A. HELLAS) in Greece organize a conference under the title “ The Education of Young Offenders: Experiences, Difficulties and Prospects”, which is going to take place in Volos from 22nd  to 24th of January in 2016, in “Tsalapata” Multispace (Conference Centre) 

The Conference aims at promoting the exchange of beliefs and experiences among all those who are involved in the area of Education for Young Offenders, and at creating a base for the beginning of an institutional debate above this area. Such a debate is necessary for our country, especially during the current sociopolitical and economic context that leads to the growth of disparities and social exclusion. In such a context, the reinforcement of structures which promote the education and the social and the professional reintegration of Young Offenders needs to be a priority for the state and its institutions.