The Norwegian parliament asks the government for supporting Prison Education

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A majority wants equal opportunities for everyone to develop digital skills, and it applies to the opportunities students in higher education have to receive follow-up and be able to participate on an equal footing with their fellow students. These members will point out that the subsidy given for training in prison care does not apply to follow-up of students, and also that digital opportunities in prison are severely limited.

There is an increasing proportion of inmates who need training in basic digital skills, but also an increasing number who are students in higher education. No funds are currently provided for follow-up of students. These members believe that in Norway it should be possible to carry out studies in prison, as this is an important part of the repatriation work towards a life free of crime after serving time. Training in the penal care system must be provided with sufficient funds for good follow-up of all student groups and students.

The Storting asks the government to clarify responsibilities for following up students in higher education as zones in prison.

The Storting asks the government to ensure that education and studies in the penal care system are arranged on an equal footing with pupils and students outside prison. This applies in particular to digital opportunities and resources for follow-up and guidance.

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