Torfinn Langelid Honored with the Royal Norwegian St. Olavs Orden

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mini-torfinn_02EPEA congratulates Torfinn Langelid, Norway, to the very well-earned and prestigious honour, the “Royal Norwegian St. Olavs Orden”, which is a knighthood conferred on Norwegian inhabitants as a reword for “excellent work for the country and humanity”. Langelid will recieve the honour from the King of Norway himself.

The honour is given to Torfinn Langelid for his tireless, dedicated and inspiring work for education in prison, not only in Norway or in the Nordic Network for Prison Education but in the whole Europe and beyond, through the EPEA. We are convinced that many of you have had the pleasure to meet Torfinn Langelid in some international conference or another through the years and been inspired by his encouraging and purposeful work.