Tribute to Kavafy in Avlonas Prison, Greece

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From the Southern Region – June 2019

And when I cannot use my legs, I can use my mind…

On Thursday, 23rdMay our school paid tribute to one of the most prominent Greek poets, Konstantinos P. Kavafy, in the in the event hall of the Avlonas Prison for Young Offenders.

The event was dedicated to the life and the works of the accomplished Alexandrian poet. Both the participants and the guests travelled back in time, to Alexandria in the 19thcentury, danced the waltz and enjoyed music transporting them to that era.


The title of the tribute was ‘Travelling with Kavafy’s Ithaca: And when I cannot use my legs, I can use my mind…’. Our students, using Kavafy’s poem, Ithaca, talked about their own journeys, their life’s adventures, and described what Ithaca means to each one of them.

The atmosphere was moving: everyone was given the opportunity to not only approach Kavafy from an alternative point of view, butalso comprehend the timeless and eternal quality of his poems, which never fails to speak to everyone’s heart and soul.

by Elena Savvidou and Sophia Samara

-Teachers at the Gymnasium and Lyceum in the Avlonas Prison  for Young Offenders, Members of EPEA Hellas