UK prison system in deep crisis says anti-Torture Committee. Access to education is severely restricted.

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The CPT report from their visit in May 2019 at Juvenile detention:

The situation had become increasingly insecure over recent years, and this reflected a general increase of violence recorded throughout the youth estate between 2016 and 2019. Assaults both on staff members and on other young persons had risen by 10% at Cookham Wood and had more than doubled at Feltham A and at Rainsbrook.

Despite the rolling out of a policy aiming to minimise physical restraint (MMPR), resort to physical force
was widespread in all three institutions visited. In all three, allegations of use of excessive force had been
recorded and referred to investigating bodies.

On some occasions, custodial officers had resorted to (lawful) pain-inducing techniques in order to control young persons.

But even the young persons who were not directly affected by mixing or other security-related restrictions benefited only from a curtailed regime; their access to education, sports or health care being severely restricted.