Upcoming International Conference on Juvenile Justice

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Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 01.02.35Caring for the young population-children and teenagers-is one of the highest current European concerns, reflected in the main action directions promoted at the level of Member States and the European Commission. One of the major challenges on this theme that needs an urgent, coordinated and efficient reply is aimed at young people at risk of social exclusion and, in particular, at minors who have committed offences criminally sanctioned.

In the spirit of these concerns, during the period September 30th – October 1st, 2015, the International Conference on Juvenile Justice, “Let’s talk, let’s walk together” will take place in Bucharest. The Conference is organized by the National Administration of Penitentiaries in Romania, in collaboration with the ?Meridianos? Organization from Spain, at the Palace of Parliament, totalling approximately 250 participants from the country and abroad.

On this occasion, it is intended to create a favourable space for both the debate and promotion of innovative ideas on justice for minors, allowing familiarity with legislative changes implemented at European level and access to best practices in other countries.

Conceived as an image event, the Conference is intended, as a priority, to the specialists in the field/juvenile justice practitioners, but it is meant as an occasion for reflection on the possible directions of public action to accomplish the goal of “child-friendly justice” in Romania, with a broad target audience, being accessible to all interested actors at Community level that have an active educational and correctional related matters role: identified vulnerable minors (including those in conflict with the law).

A detailed Conference agenda, as well as other information of interest is available on the website of the Conference www.youthjustice.eu.