Urgent – Call for project partners

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Erasmus+ Project: Looking at Greening process in Corrections from a Lifelong Learning Perspective – Supporting European Green Deal Strategy

As institutions make the decision to go green, it is important to understand the available supporting technologies. Many of these technologies will be addressed in complex and high-level projects or state initiatives, but before discussing them in detail, it is important to provide a framework for the implementation of an overall green technology program as part of an educative process that the whole prison embarks to, like a truly learning organization.
Implementing a green technology program includes planning, selecting, implementing and evaluating sustainability strategies. A green technology program may include a training component designed to teach staff and/or inmates to implement green technologies. This This project aims to explore how institutions can get started, general benefits and how to involve staff and inmates in a way that is advantageous to each group and contributes to safety, security and re-entry.

Partners needed in the fields of

  • corrections staff training concepts and piloting coordination or
  • digitalization of greening process, virtual tools and realities or
  • sustainability expertise OR “user voice” approach

Project Promotor: CPIP Romania
Contact Person: Rodica Pana, rodica.pana@cpip.ro, +40 722 70 92 92

Deadline: Confirmation for entering the partnership, with sent PIF – 15 April 2021 – Closing of the proposal – 30 April 2021