“Voice from Behind the Bars” – An Educational Project in a Polish Prison

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In Plock prison (central part of Poland), since November 2016, there has been run an educational project whose aim is to show youth that a wrong choice in your life may lead to disastrous effects and that it may have extremely bad influence in your life.

A group of 12 inmates-recidivists go out, in turns, from the prison and visit schools for teenagers. During the meetings with 15-18 year olds, they share their stories and tell them how it happened that they ended up in prison. The objective is that these young people are prevented from making the same mistakes in their life. Together with the talks, young people are shown two films. One presents 3 cases of youngsters who got in trouble with law, the other one shows conditions of the Plock prison. Again, the purpose is to prevent young people from getting into prison.

So far, inmates managed to visit 4 schools and there are still 4 to go. The idea of the project is very well received. Youth are attentively listening and some of the schools have already “ordered” more meetings with inmates for more groups of teenagers.

If you want to get more details, please contact the coordinator of the project – Hubert Skrzynski click here.