What are cookies

A cookie is a small text file that is sent to your device by means of your web browser by the pages you visit on this website and/or web-based applications. The information stored can be resent to our servers during a next website visit. Cookies will not store personal information and cookies will not harm your computer.

The EPEA website use the following cookies:

Functional and technical cookies:

  • Permanent cookies
  • Session cookies
  • Cookie control cookies
  • Analytics cookies:

Social media Cookies

  • Social Media-cookies:
  • Viewing YouTube or Vimeo video’s and other embedded content

Advertising and marketing cookies:

The EPEA websites has no build in advertising or marketing. We are an add free website, and do not use this kind of cookies.

Functional and technical cookies (Necessary cookies)

Technical cookies are cookies needed for the proper performance of our website, such as language preference, to be able to login or to detect fraud with your account. Functional cookies remember your preferences. This includes making it possible to retrieve submitted personal data for some event registrations out of the database, or to remain logged in during a browsing session.

Please note that we only use these cookies to guarantee a user-friendly visit and a proper website performance.

The use of permanent cookies

By means of permanent cookies, the website identifies you during a visit to apply your settings or identify you as a new user. The cookie stores a unique random identifier to recognize you. This cookie is essential to ensure that all website functionality is available to you, making website usage more convenient. You can remove permanent cookies through the settings feature of your browser.

The use of session cookies

During a session, the website stores status updates and preferences. This enables us to adapt our services to the behaviour of our visitors and to make the website as easy to use as possible. This website uses for example session cookies that keep you logged in while surfing on our website, remember search queries, etc. These cookies will be automatically deleted when you close your web browser.

Cookie control cookies

These cookies are stored on your computer to remember your preferences with regard to the use of cookies. These are necessary to know if you agree or do not agree to the use of specific cookies.

Social media

Share buttons

This website has buttons and icons to promote or share web pages (to “like” or “tweet”). These buttons only work, when using scripts and codes that are generated by networks like Facebook and Twitter. This code generates cookies when actively used by Add This, when interacting with the buttons. We do not have any influence on this. Please read Facebook, Twitter’s or other network’s privacy statement (which can change often) to read what they use your personal details for by using these cookies.

The information the cookies collect is stored anonymously. The information is sent by and to Twitter, Facebook and others, possibly on servers situated in the US. Facebook, Twitter and Google have committed to the EU-US Privacy Shield to comply to European standards for handling personal information.

YouTube and Vimeo videos, embedded content

In order to be able to watch the YouTube, Vimeo and other embedded content on the websites, YouTube will set cookies. Read YouTube or Vimeo privacy policy to see how they process the data they collect.

Rejecting or deleting cookies

Would you like to reject or accept cookies, or change your settings? You can deny the use of cookies in our website or through the settings feature of your browser, e.g. Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla or Opera. More information about changing your cookie settings or deleting cookies can be found in the browser setting, or by using the help option of your browser. These are different for each browser. You can choose to enable the “do-not-track”-feature.

Deleting and accepting tracking cookies by third-parties:

Some tracking cookies are set by third-parties to show ads (through our website and other websites) that match your preferences. These cookies can be removed in a central location through Your Online Choices, which ensures the fact that they will not be set on any other website.

It is possible to determine through your browser settings (Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Mozilla or Opera) if and what type of cookies you accept. Where to find these settings, is different for each browser. Please use the help feature of your browser to find the exact location and method.

Rejecting specific cookies:

If you reject certain cookies, the website’s good performance may not be guaranteed. Rejecting cookies, does not mean that you will not see any advertisements anymore. In general however, the ads may not be tailored to your preferences anymore.

The EPEA home page does not host advertisements.

By navigating further in the site or hiding our cookie massage, you accept our Cookie policy and our disclaimer

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