EPEA Membership

Thank you very much for considering a membership of the European Prison Education Association.

There are 4 membership types

  1. Individual, € 22
  2. Indivdual, Special, € 12
  3. Associated, € 32
  4. Organisation, € 155

1. Individual, € 22,-

Full individual membership in Europe. Full voting rights Individual. Open to members from selected European countries.

2. Individual, Special, € 12,-

Open to individual members from: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hellas, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovak Republic and Turkey.
Full voting rights

3. Associated, € 32,-

Open to individuals outside Europe. No voting right.

4. Organisation, € 155,-

Open to organisations.
Limited voting rights for European countires. No voting rights for non-European organisation

Payment methodes, PayPal or BankTransfer

Paying with PayPal includes handling fees of € 2 for individual and associated membership and € 5 for organisational. Paying by bank transfer does not not include a handling fee.

You become member of the EPEA by filling in the member form and complete the payment via Paypal.

In case you prefer to pay via bank transfer please follow the instructions found here >> Bank transfer

After you filled in the form you will be directed to Paypal for completion of the payment. If you experience problems with Paypal you can read the instructions found here . >> PayPal Q&A

Membership is open to individuals (teachers, administrators or researchers) working in the field of prison education.

You can choose 3 types of individual membership:

  • Individual membership only applicable for certain countries in Europe
  • Individual membership for people living in Europe
  • Individual associated membership for people outside Europe or not working in the field of prison education

The last type of membership is open to organisations that want to support the EPEA within and beyond Europe.

  • Organisational membership

As member you will be able to log into the member area, and you will receive regular Magazines and Newsletters, can come to conferences for a reduced fee.

>>Become member