General Council 2019

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It’s a pleasure to invite all EPEA members to the next EPEA General Council meeting:

Technological University Dublin, Aungier Street, Dublin, during the 17th official EPEA conference
on Friday 14th of June 08:30 – 09:30


What is General Council?
General Council is an integral part of the organisation of the EPEA. It is a public forum that serves to dictate policy, agree rules and principles, and generally influence the direction of the association in accordance with the EPEA Constitution.  According to the constitution, General Council must be convened at least once every two years.

Who is it for?
It is comprised of Liaison Persons from those countries that have Liaison Persons and also the Officers (Chair, Treasurer, Secretary) of the association. All members of the EPEA can attend General Council, but only the above mentioned have the possibility to vote.

What is it for?
General Council is the official public forum

  • to account for the work of the Steering Committee
  • to account for money received and spent
  • to adopt changes to the Constitution of the EPEA