EPEA Ireland

Irish Prison Education Association

We promote the view that education in prison is a moral right that meets a basic human need, and within this perspective, personal development is considered to be an aim, a process and a result of prison education. We believe that education in prison has the power to transform prisoners lives by enabling them understand, critique and question their previously unquestioned perceptions, assumptions and worldview. Prison education can facilitate the prisoners successful re-entry into society by cultivating the combination of knowledge, skills, values and motivation necessary for active citizenship.

The aims of the association are:

  • To act as a recognised branch of the European Prison Education Association (EPEA)
  • To promote education in prison according to the Recommendations No. R (89) 12 of the Committee of Ministers to the members states of the Council of Europe (1990)
  • To promote education in Irish prisons as set out in the Strategy Statement of the Prison Education Service 2010-2015
  • To support and assist the professional development of persons involved in education in prison
  • To act as an advocate on behalf of educators in Irish prisons
  • To support penal reform.

Executive Committee:EC_IPEA

Chairperson: Jane Carrigan
Secretary: Edel Cunningham (Edel Scanlan)
Treasurer: Peter Doyle
Liaison Person: Eleanor Jones
Liaison Person:  Michelle Ryan
Lifelong Member: Kevin Warner
EPEA Webmaster: Deirdre Brennan




Other Resources

This website makes available writing by Kevin Warner. Kevin Warner was National Co-ordinator of Prison

Education, in thekevinw Department of Justice/Irish Prison Service, 1979 – 2009. (Retired December 2009). This involved developing, in conjunction with education bodies from the community, prison education services (which had only a marginal role in prisons in 1979) so that they became by far the most substantial structured activity in which Irish prisoners participated.

Much of the material pertains to Ireland, but some is written with a European or American context in mind. A few of the items included here have been written jointly with others.

The site also contains related material written by others, as well as links to like-minded websites.