1982 -1984: 3 people get together and make the first attempt to form a national organisation. Lack of funding and interest – the organisation dies.
1990: The Council of Europe publishes recommendations for Prison Education. This document is translated into Norwegian and sent to all prison schools and prisons.
1992: Norwegian Ministry of Education recommends improving Prison Education
1993: EPEA is formally established
1995: Another attempt is made to establish a national Norwegian organisation: 6 people get together. A new FOKO is established with 50-60 members (out of some 240 fulltime / part-time teachers in Norway).
2003: Norway arranged the 9th EPEA Conference

Members 2003:

210¬†(out of altogether 290 fulltime/part-time teachers) 128 participants at our Annual Conference. Members are Teaching Staff, Prison Staff, Probation Service Staff, Education Administrators’, Researchers¬† and Others


Activities: To maintain its dynamism FOKO has:

  • An annual conference
  • Two – three newsletters a year
  • Scholarships for members
  • Political contacts
  • Lobbying