ALIPPE Workshop on the Dyslexia Tuesday March 15th – Saturday 19th 2016

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ALIPPE Workshop on the Dyslexia Way of Learning for Prison Educators

Tuesday March 15th – Saturday 19th 2016


Special price EPEA members : € 1050 (normal price: € 1200,= )

(Take contact about sharing rooms to lower the price even more!!)

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The high prevalence of dyslexics in prison may have something to do with the different cognitive style of dyslexics. The participant will discover about the different learning style of dyslexics. They will experience all the ingredients necessary to raise awareness of literacy improvement possibilities for dyslexic detainees. The participant will get to know what the challenges and the possibilities of the their dyslexic pupils encounter.

Participants will be getting the touch and feel of a literacy improvement course for dyslexics.

A course with Multiple Intelligence self-awareness, Ridings cognitive styles, Memory and mind mapping techniques, methods for more effective reading, writing and presentation.

The participant will be part of the process and will be invited to bring in his own circumstances and experiences (peer learning).



Hampshire Hotel – Mooi Veluwe Garderenseweg 154 | 3881 NC Putten | The Netherlands

The arrangement for attending the ALIPPE workshop s includes: Accomodation ( 4 nights food/hotel), Organisational cost and course fee.

Deadline applications:

December 1st,;2015

Please fill out and send us the Application Form as soon as possible click here to find the form.

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