BLEEP Project update (Blended Learning Environment in European Prisons)

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Updated news from February 2021

According to the “desistance” theory, each individual forms a social bond with society. This social bond consists of the degree to which a person feels involved in social goals, makes an effort to achieve these goals, believes in the value of these goals, and is able to use legal means to achieve these goals. The weaker this social bond, the more likely people are to lead a criminal lifestyle. Many people who come out of prison have great difficulty reintegrating into society. On average, more than 60% of ex-prisoners come into contact with criminal activities again within 2 years. The main factor for the failure of reintegration appears to be the lack of meaningful daily activities. This is preferably paid work, but it can also be another day activity, such as education.

With BLEEP we want to integrate the reintegration (learning) process for adult prisoners and ex-prisoners via a blended learning environment, online and offline. BLEEP is a European project funded by Erasmus +, in which Click F1 is the lead party, and runs from September 2019 – September 2021. BLEEP consists of an app and a website. The tool can be used both inside and outside detention (through the gates). The end user receives a personal account and can use it to go through steps and draw up an action list within, for example, the pathways Work and Housing. The website provides a wealth of information, practice tools and links to other learning environments, agencies and websites that are necessary to be able to find and learn information within the different areas of life. You can also save a portfolio in the app and / or in the Website in the future.

Thanks to an ingenious but also user-friendly Content Management System (CMS system), the steps and the content of the tool and the websites can be adapted and translated into different situations and languages.

Where are we now?

The system of the tool and the platform are ready and are getting filled up right now with content for the pathways housing and work & learning. Click F1 prepares the blueprint together with Stichting180 and Exodus. DoGoodOnly translates this into our English tool and website. Partner organisations from Italy, Portugal, Romania and Turkey adapt the content of the tool to their own situation and language. From March onwards, the other countries will also fill the website. In April, we will create a secure environment for each country so that BLEEP can be used safely within detention. In a number of countries we use secure Chromebooks for this (Click F1 already uses these in various detention centres). From May / June we hope that institutions will be more accessible again after the Lockdown and we want to start pilots with inmates and escorts, as first in the Netherlands and Romania.

We give bi-monthly online presentations about BLEEP and working with Chromebooks. If you are interested, send an email to and we will invite you to the next presentation.