The Teacher’s Voice – Video interview – essentials – Alan Smith
with No Comments EPEA: Alan, please tell us something about yourself. Who are you? How did you personally become interested in Prison Education? Alan: I was born in England, grew up mainly in Northern Ireland (a very formative experience), studied German at … Read More

Interview – We talked to DOÑA MARÍA, our teacher [EN/ES]
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Almeria Prison is offered to inmates as an ordinary educational centre. Formal education is provided by the Junta de Andalucía to all those inmates who lack primary andsecondary education. The inmates of the UTE1 are fortunate to have among their … Read More

Job shadowing: Switzerland-Spain [EN/GE]
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Two language versions. English and German Deutsche Version unter dem englischen Text / German version below For the third time, a professional exchange took place between prison education teachers from Andalusia, Spain, and from Switzerland. This professional exchange was actually … Read More

BLEEP Project Meeting in Lisbon
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The Erasmus funded project to create a Blended Learning Environment for European Prisons (BLEEP) held its first in person meeting in over 2 years in Lisbon in February 2022. 13 of us were able to gather in this beautiful city … Read More

Education in Prison – Paths and Challenges – International Cycle of Conferencces – Portuguese Prison Education Association
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The Portuguese Prison Education Association (APEnP) and the Department of Education and Psychology (DEP)/School of Human and Social Sciences (ECHS) of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) are pleased to announce the 1st International Cycle of Conferences (ICC), … Read More

Production of FFF2 masks in a Swiss Prison [GE/EN]
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English text below Produktion von FFP2-Masken in einem Schweizer Gefängnis Ein Schweizer Unternehmen setzte sich zum Ziel, in Bezug auf die Schutzmasken die Abhängigkeit von Importen zu reduzieren. In der Folge wurde ein Partner gesucht, der die Masken produzieren könnte … Read More

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