Cell Block Science

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Cell Block Science is an innovative project bringing informal science learning into Scottish prisons through researcher visits. This project has been running for a year in partnership with SPS, who intend to continue and expand. These classes are interactive, led by researchers, and have seen a myriad of learning outcomes that map to the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence. In addition the interactions have contributed to multi-disciplinary activities including art inspired by scientific reading, poetry based on science, and creative writing using scientific content. The sessions have also seen social skill development in the form of debates, hands-on group work, and the presentation of learning to the public during family visits.

“We are seeking to expand this project further across Europe to see if the same model can be implemented elsewhere and would like to hear from any institution interested in partnering with us.

To this end we have identified a funding scheme we’re interested in applying for with partners. The grant in question is in the Science With and For Society H2020 funding stream offered by the European Commission to EU Member States. In this initial stage of preparing a proposal we are flexible with the outputs of the project allowing for different methods of learning, interactions, and resource availability, as well as different security requirements. We will bring our knowledge of informal science education in Cell Block Science and public engagement to the call, and can offer resources as well as help with rolling out informal science learning strategies within institutions.

Partners can be from a range of areas, including prison services, universities, colleges, industries and not-for-profit organizations. As coordinators we have experience of FP7 (the predecessor to H2020) and H2020 grants in our team. We see this grant offering a decent amount to each partner to pursue the aims of the grant, as well as opening up the opportunity for a cross-Europe partnership exploring scientific learning outside of classrooms primarily in prisons but also for other vulnerable groups and audiences.”

For further information, the particular grant we are interested in seeking is about Science Education Outside of the Classroom. Please find more details here.

James King

Head of Learning & Skills

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