In Velletri the prisoners becomes vinners, producing a good red wine in the prison.

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From L’Isola Solidale

In Velletri the prisoners become winemakers. The “Rosso di Lazzaria” is a red wine produced with the grapes of the large agricultural estate with vine which is located inside the penitentiary structure and in fact takes its name from the area where the District House is located.

The wine was presented in the cellar inside the prison in the presence of the bishop of Velletri, Monsignor Vincenzo Apicella, the deputy guarantor of inmates Sandro Compagnoni, the oenologist who oversaw the production Sergio De Angelis and numerous other guests and experts in the sector.

“It was a battle won, said the director of the penitentiary Donata Iannantuono, “we put the cellar back on its feet, engaged the agronomist of the Marco De Biase facility, some prison police officers and several inmates who volunteered”.

In the end, an excellent product came out, which is added to Lariano’s bread, produced in the District House of King Bible, with which we have made an excellent collaboration in producing typical local products, as well as olive oil. olive, which is always produced here by us thanks to our olive groves and the collaboration of the prisoners ».