Voting arrangements sent to members

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At the General Council (GC) during the 2017 conference in Vienna, constitution amendments were presented and voted upon.

The biggest changes in those proposals deal with:

  1. the way we can vote
  2. Liaison Persons
  3. the conditions of being a member of the Steering Committee

After discussion within the General Council, all amendments were accepted.

During the GC in the 2019 Dublin Conference, however, it was established that the Steering Committee (SC) had not interpreted the protocol of voting in the right way. Not only the members present at the General Council, but all EPEA-members should have been consulted.

EPEA therefore would like to present these amendments again; this time to all her members and invite you to send us your vote. The result of this vote will determine our future constitution.

All relevant documents and voting instructions are send to members by email already.

The deadline for the receipt of the ballot papers is September 15th 2020.

The counting of the votes will take place on 17th of September 2020.