Distance learning: What we can learn about learning from the Corona pandemic

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Source: eVidenCenter, Google translate

Daniella Tasic Hansen, who is a specialist consultant in e-learning pedagogy at the National Knowledge Center for e-learning (eVidenCenter), is a great advocate

Teachers: To what extent do you consider distance learning to be suitable for the subject you have taught the most? 69% is positive.

This is what the study from eVidenCenter and the think tank DEA says

  • Teachers – and students – have called for variation in distance learning. And here it was especially teachers who had previous experience with digital teaching aids who were able to deliver this. However, the study also showed that those teachers who received useful guidelines and support from their school felt that they had the opportunity to create variation in teaching.
  • The vast majority of teachers ran analog learning on digital media at the beginning of distance learning. Gradually, however, they began to think in new directions for their teaching and came up with ideas, which, however, have not all been realized. Either because the teachers have not had the necessary prerequisites or the necessary time. It is teachers who have had great support and encouragement from the school who have been most satisfied during the distance learning.
  • Teachers tried to use video conferencing to establish a replacement for the loss of the physical classroom. However, they found that it is more difficult to read the students’ motivation, work effort, learning outcomes and the mood in the class when they are not physically with the students.
  • Overall, the results of the study indicate a need to pay special attention to the challenges of the academically weaker students. However, some students experience that they have gained a greater learning benefit from distance education when they experience that they have received more guidance during the period, that they have had a more varied education and that they are among the strongest academically in the class.