Education in Prison – Paths and Challenges – International Cycle of Conferencces – Portuguese Prison Education Association

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The Portuguese Prison Education Association (APEnP) and the Department of Education and Psychology (DEP)/School of Human and Social Sciences (ECHS) of the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) are pleased to announce the 1st International Cycle of Conferences (ICC), under the theme: Education in Prison – paths and challenges (programme attached), an event that will be held online with simultaneous translation, and will take place in April (2022).
Among its main goals the ICC, which will be composed of 4 sessions, will aim to contribute to a transformative perspective of education and training practices in the prison context.

Session 1 [09.04.2022], will be dedicated to the topic “Education in Prison: Portugal and the European Context”, and will aim at a presentation of the models/systems of Education, which have been in place in prisons in Portugal and abroad, proposing a comparative analysis and critical reflection on the current paradigm of Prison Education.

Session 2 [13.04.2022], entitled ‘Adult Education and Training (in prison)’ will be divided into 2 parts. Part 1 will address epistemological principles and conceptualisations that shape current methodologies in adult education and training.
Part 2 will discuss proposals for (re)shaping conceptual frameworks conducive to adult education and training in prison by presenting and discussing education and vocational training programmes in several correctional settings.

Session 3 [23.04.2022], “Research Work and Projects in Prisons”, has as main objective to present and disseminate projects, research and innovation work, aiming to contribute to a greater perception of the potential for educational intervention in the prison context.

Session 4 [30.04.2022], “Reintegration”, serves the purpose of ‘looking at the inmate’ in order to better understand the reasons that led to his/her institutionalisation. It also aims to present and discuss programmes and policies, especially in an area where Education plays a vital role, in addition to examples of good practices of reintegration into society and the labour market.

If you would like to attend the ICC, please fill in and submit your registration form by 31 March (2022).

APEnP looks forward to meeting you online in April.

Best regards,

José Pinto
President APEnP