International Day of Education in Prison – October 13th 2023

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Call for feedback

On 13 October 1989, the Council of Europe adopted the 17 Recommendations on Education in the Prison Sector. These guidelines were further expanded in 2006 with Recommendation R(2006)2 on standards in the penitentiary system.

This is why the EPEA is committed to commemorate the 13th of October as Prison Education Day. In the past, the EPEA even awarded a prize to the prison school that carried out the most innovative and/or original action on this date. However, only a few projects were submitted, so the response was quite modest.

In the past, we teachers and trainers celebrated ourselves equally. This year, the Steering Committee is primarily interested in what our customers, our students, actually think about education in prison.

This idea was born last year by 5 teachers in the Pöschwies correctional facility in Zurich and was also put into practice with the support of the correctional facility. The students were given the opportunity to reflect on the educational programme in class. A fascinating and motivating picture of how the students experience the lessons emerged.

Our call to all teachers:
Ask your students what they think of the educational programme in prison.

  • What do they like? Why do they like going to class?
  • What are they not satisfied with? What do they miss in the educational programme?
  • What would they improve? What wishes do they have?

Please send the feedback to the EPEA so that we can publish it and comment on it in the newsletter at the end of the year. We hope to receive a lot of feedback from you.

Send contributions to Thank you for your cooperation.
The EPEA newsletter editors
Ana Ferrando Benedicto & Thomas Wüthrich