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13 October 2018 International Day of Education in Prison
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EPEA would like to remind you of the upcoming International Day of Education in Prison (IDEP) which is held on the 13th October each year. Unfortunately prison education is not always an obvious activity offered to prisoners. When it is … Read More

Membership Survey
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We want to hear from you! Please let us know what you would like to see. Click here to fill out our 5 minute member survey!

Entre Sistema.EU – Sharing Good Practices between Penitentiary Systems in Europe
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The project “Entre Sistemas.EU” (in English ‘Between Systems.EU’) is a Portuguese project funded by Erasmus+ that emerges from the need to continuously increase the quality of the intervention operated by the Portuguese Prisons and their partners. The project is promoted … Read More

Educational activities in Educational Centre Buziaș, Romania
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October 2018 – by Marioara Bîlba from the Educational Centre Buziaș, Romania The objective of Educational Centre Buziaș is to assure the education of and offering assistance to the young offender. Considering the fact that being deprived from freedom might lead … Read More

The prevention of juvenile radicalisation: Promoting the use of alternatives to detention through judicial training
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October 2018 – by Florica Chirică-Bordei from the National Administration of Penitentiaries, Romania  The Romanian National Administration of Penitentiaries is a partner in the project ‘The prevention of juvenile radicalisation: Promoting the use of alternatives to detention through judicial training’ (PRALT), … Read More

Romanian National Folklore Festival for inmates
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September 2018 – by Pompilia Mănoiu from the National Administration of Penitentiaries, Romania On 14 September 2018, the gates of the National Village Museum „Dimitrie Gusti” from Bucharest opened up to host the 4th edition of the National Folklore Festival for Inmates, … Read More

Art and Culture among the bars
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October 2018 – by Ramona Ilieș from Timișoara Penitentiary, Romania As we have accustomed the Timisoara public ever since the Plai Festival began, every year, since 2006, the Timișoara Penitentiary is present with the most unusual activities in the so pleasant atmosphere of … Read More

Interfest: Romanian’s national inter-penitentiary festival
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October 2018 – by Adrian Cristian Palea from the Jilava Penitentiary, Romania The festival is a complex project with a tradition in Romanian penitentiary system. It is hosted every year by Jilava Penitentiary. This year we organised the fifth edition and … Read More

A message from the Steering Committeecoe_brand

Welcome to the new website of the European Prison Education Association. The EPEA is an organisation made up of prison educators, administrators, governors, researchers and other professionals, whose interests lie in promoting and developing education and related activities in prisons throughout Europe in accordance with the recommendations of the Council of Europe. The EPEA is recognised by the Council of Europe as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). It is commited to working with prison administrations in Europe to further its aims, but is totally free-standing and independent.

The EPEA has established itself as the European voice for prison education drawing its membership from over 40 countries. Acknowledgment of its strength and importance lies in its recognition as an official Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with participatory status at the Council of Europe (COE), and it has been honoured further by its recent election to the Liaison Committee of NGOs with full voting rights.

Main activities

  • Advocacy
  • Policy Formation
  • Professional Development of Prison Teachers
  • Networking
  • Research